Since Instagram burst into the social media market in 2010, they’ve gathered a huge following of more than 300 million active users. Millennials make up a huge percentage of those: 90% of Instagram users are under the age of 35. There’s no better platform than Instagram to market videos and photos to your Millennial audience.

Today we’re going over using Instagram’s video capabilities to market to a younger audience. Because you only have 15 seconds of video to share, you have to make every second count. Here’s an opportunity to engage with your audience by sharing brief moments before, during, and after your events.

15 Seconds of Fame

There’s a trick to making those 15 seconds work: Make videos specifically for Instagram. Our last post covered using YouTube for marketing, a platform for marketing that gives you more time to develop an idea and share content that demands more time (think interviews & live streaming).  Instagram’s 15 second limit on videos is both a blessing and a curse: yes, you only have 15 seconds – but your bound to keep the user’s attention for that full length of time. Use it well.

What to Post Before & After Your Events

  • Before Your Event: Sneak Peeks. Is the line for your tickets out the door? Did the equipment trucks just pull in to set up a new stage? Are the dancers in rehearsal willing to give a shout out? Using sneak peek videos to promote upcoming events is a great way to build suspense and excitement for your audience and engage with them beyond your venue.

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  • During Your Event: Backstage Content. There's nothing fans like more than getting a quick glimpse of the excitement going on behind the stage. Whether it's an quick shot of the artist before they perform, or the cast of a show during intermission, engaging your fans with backstage content during your event will enrich their experience while offering you free promotion via sharing.

The Guthrie Theater has this down:

  • Beyond Your Venue: User-Generated Content (UGC). UGC is becoming more popular, and its use in the event industry makes it easy to see why. Rather than creating your own content, UGC makes use of the content already created by your patrons, and builds a connection between your brand and the public. Asking users to post an Instagram video with a custom hashtag (i.e., #BritneySpearsLive) connects your audience and allows them to share their experience at a higher level.

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We can't wait to see the content you come up with as you #engageyouraudience to create a better event experience.