The Memberships module relaunch allows creation of multiple Types of Membership and then additionally, the creation of multiple Levels of Membership under each Type. The Level settings are independent of other Levels, allowing the organization to set up and maintain multiple member benefit programs in one place.


1. Purchase tickets, make a donation, and purchase a membership, all in one easy transaction.

Among the many benefits of the enhanced module, patrons are able to renew before their current membership expires, as well as purchase tickets, make a donation and purchase a membership, all in one transaction.

2. Apply discounts directly in the shopping cart.

Discounts and coupon codes are now applied directly in the shopping cart, per line item, via a drop down.

3. Quick view the number of items in the shopping cart.

To help online patrons better navigate the public site and see their shopping cart, the shopping cart icon displays how many items are currently in the cart. Hovering over the icon will show a summary of all items in the cart.