Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is self-proclaimed as a “visual bookmarking tool,” so when we talk about using it to promote events and engage your audience, we’re essentially talking about using it to create a single collection of all your event materials.

While Pinterest may seem like it falls far behind the other social media sites, the numbers may surprise you. Pinterest is used by 22% of adults in the US! Keep in mind as you create a board that Pinterest is still used by more women than men (42% of online women vs 13% of online men) and that most users are between the ages of 18-49. Pinterest Boards are also only visible to users who have signed up, so your boards won’t be visible to someone without a Pinterest account.

Pinterest 101

We’ve gathered a few things to keep in mind when creating a Pinterest Board for your event or venue, but we’ll start with how to create your first board.

The easiest way to think about Pinterest is to visualize a bulletin board. That’s your Pinterest Board. Now imagine that you had multiple bulletin boards on the same wall, and that you’d given each one a title so you could organize your materials. Let’s say that you have one for a show you’re doing, “West Side Story,” one for your upcoming three-day event, “Blues Festival,” and another that’s dedicated to your “Membership Program.”

Ideally you’d use these boards to create a visual and creative representation of each subject. You might pin on photos of the cast of West Side Story, articles or interviews that were published related to the show, and audience reviews or photos. Your “Blues Festival” board might have pins of the artists coming, the schedule for each stage, photos of the vendor booths and concessions, and a “How to” guide on getting the best experience out of the festival.

Pinterest was designed to act like a digital bulletin board, where you can post not only photos, articles and guides, but videos and links to other websites!

Now that you’ve got an idea of what Pinterest is, let’s dive into 3 ideas for using it at your venue or event.

3 Ways to Use

1. Create an Event Guide.

Much like the “Blues Festival” board outlined above, a Pinterest Board can easily function as a complete Event Guide. You can link to vendor’s websites, post photos of the artists, articles about the festival, and “How to” guides for having a great festival experience. You can even post promotional videos, and link directly to the artist’s website – simply install a Pinterest browser button (see photo above) and pin directly from the artist’s site. Now you have one place to link your Instagram photos, YouTube videos, and promotional materials. Once you promote your board, users can opt to follow it, and pins on your board will be visible from their home feed.

2. Link your board to your event page.

Now that you’ve created a Pinterest Board, you can add a widget of this board to your site or the event page. Adding a widget is an easy way to introduce your patrons to your venue or event’s Pinterest Board, and gives them the opportunity to pin items from your board directly to their own so they can access it in the future.

3. Pin videos directly from YouTube.

Once you install your Pinterest browser button, the possibilities for pinning are endless. You can pin photos, articles, and even videos! Simply hover your mouse in the corner of a photo or look for the Pinterest logo below a YouTube video, then click to add the link to your own board, and choose the photo that people will see. Pinning directly from YouTube is an easy way to collect all the materials for a specific event, and also lets you pin videos that belong directly to the artist or promoter.

Pinterest can be a successful way to market to a younger demographic that already uses Pinterest and would follow your board for updates about your event. Try starting a Pinterest board for your next event to see how this social platform works for your venue.