What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing is used to refer to advertising that is sent directly to a user's mobile device. This can include SMS/Text Campaigns or installing beacons and using Geofencing. An SMS or Text Campaign is the act of collecting contact information from your patrons—either from your existing database, or by having users text in a designated keyword that you advertise—and then texting them with specific campaigns. Geofencing refers to a technology that allows you to recognize when your patrons are within a designated area, and then immediately send them relevant push notifications. Geofencing has taken proximity marketing to a new level, allowing music festivals and arenas to push content and offer giveaways.

Why Mobile Marketing?

Millennials—and the generation to follow—are known for being "Always On," and you can use this to your advantage by marketing directly to them in a way that is immediate, interactive, and personal. It's also easy to track mobile campaigns with texting campaign software (such as eztexting), and is as inexpensive as email campaigns. Because you're sending your message directly to your patron's phone instead of their inbox, it's not unusual to see open rates of 90% on mobile campaigns—far more than you'll see for email campaigns. And don’t forget that more tickets are being sold online and through mobile every day. Whatsonstage.com recently ran a survey that found that 30% of patrons in London are buying their theater tickets from a mobile device. When you put an offer directly into a patron’s mobile device, the likelihood that they will follow through with a purchase increases.

Tips for Event Marketing

Mobile marketing is convenient for both you and your patrons–it allows you to target them quickly, send them your promotion, and interact with them via pre-set text responses. There are a multitude of ways to make mobile marketing work for your venue:

  • Use Geofencing to offer your audience a discount on tickets to another show

  • Push original content and backstage videos

  • Welcome patrons to your arena or venue and offer them a "New Patron" discount

  • Notify patrons as soon as a show goes on sale so they can purchase tickets from their mobile device

  • Encourage members you have to sign up for mobile marketing so you can easily share "Members Only" offers

When you continually surprise your patrons with your marketing strategy, they’ll want to interact with you.

Respect Your Patrons

Keep in mind that the personal nature of mobile marketing means that you can exhaust your patrons if you overuse or misuse it. Make it relevant, offer something of value, and make sure that you have "HELP" and "OPT OUT" or "STOP" keywords activated for users that want to unsubscribe. Make signing up easy by advertising the keyword and number to join your list, and sharing it on social media or inside your venue.

Start Your Campaign

Now that you know the basics, you can get started on your mobile marketing campaign.

  1. Choose a platform to run your campaign from. Make sure it's within your budget and has the features you care about.

  2. Make use of contacts you already have that have given you permission to use their phone number, and collect new contacts by setting up and advertising your keyword.

  3. Choose a good Call to Action (CTA): a promotion, discount, special offer, or invitation to purchase early tickets to an upcoming show.

  4. Always offer your patrons a way to unsubscribe or opt out.

  5. Track your results so you know what works.

Build Your Tribe

When you advertise directly to your patron's mobile device with relevant and timely campaigns, you're engaging them while building your tribe. Remember that the higher level of interaction you maintain with your patrons, the better your relationship with them will be, which will result in them trusting your brand and taking advantage of what you offer.