We are excited to announce that Dave Brooks, a good friend of ours in the ticketing industry, has started a new online magazine dedicated solely to the event and live entertainment industry.

Brooks, who previously worked for Venues Today, recently parted ways with the publication to create his very own online magazine, Amplify. The magazine aims to keep readers informed and entertained through enticing headlines and his engaging voice. If you’ve been following Brooks, you know that he is a literary genius!

One of Brooks’ most recent headlines reports on the latest news in the ticketing industry concerning the International Association of Venue Managers. After a month-long vote, allied members of the IAVM still do not have the right to vote within the association, nor can they serve on the board of directors.

Allied members, those who provide and sell goods and services to venues, took a leap of faith and petitioned professional members and venue employees for these rights. A two-thirds majority vote was needed to pass both initiatives into action but unfortunately, both fell just shy.

Lynne King Smith, CEO of TicketForce, expressed her opinion to Brooks in a recent interview.

“Today, I am disappointed with the results of the vote to not allow Allied Members a voice in the IAVM – though it was a clear majority, it appears there are still some who fear input from service professionals who have supported, sponsored and provided valuable input for many years,” King Smith said. She continued by saying it is her wish for both parties to receive a voice in the association as IAVM continues to grow and evolve.

To congratulate our friend Dave Brooks on his new venture, please visit his Facebook page or send a tweet to @RealDaveBrooks