The paid advertising options on social media platforms have evolved marketing and promotions for brands, making it almost impossible to market a product or service without them. Most organizations use these features well, but not always to their full potential.

On Twitter specifically, the promoted tweets option has the ability to boost your organization’s online engagement in more ways than one.  According to Mashable, there are four things that we as organizations should do on Twitter, in order to get the most from our promoted tweets.

  1. The first thing that should be done pertains to the character limit on Twitter. While the limit is 140 characters, it is recommended that a tweet be under 100 characters as it has been known to improve engagement by 18%. If you send three to six promoted tweets at this limit, you should see around 17% more engagement.

  2. Another tip Mashable shared is to utilize the ad tool options like Twitter cards. The cool thing about Twitter cards is that there are different cards for different motives, such as engagement.

  3. Third, enhancing your tweets with interactive media like photos and videos is important because of the ability to enrich a tweet.

  4. Finally, interaction with your followers is key to getting the most from your promoted tweets. It’s one thing to tweet, but asking questions and prodding for feedback will take your social media engagement to another level.

To read the full story from Mashable, click here.

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