Your website is up and running, your events are listed, and you’ve mastered Facebook and Twitter. How can you successfully integrate your social presence with your website to boost your company’s visibility?


1. Fresh content. If you have a news, blog, or about section on your site, make sure you’re monitoring it to keep content fresh. Post new articles and blogs, and continue to update the verbiage on your About section to keep your site relevant and customers coming back for new information.

2. Make liking and sharing easy. Google has recently changed the way it ranks websites: SEO is still an integral part, but social media connections and consumers likes and shares of your content can be just as integral. Make sure you add share and like buttons to your events to make spreading the word easy for your patrons.

3. Integrate your comments with Facebook. Facebook now offers a plugin that allows people to comment on content (or event pages) on your site using their Facebook account. Patrons can then choose whether to share their comment with their friends (and friends of friends), pushing your content, event or venue to higher visibility.

4. Showcase your Twitter feed. Adding your company’s live Twitter feed to your site helps keep your patrons in-the-know with your events and updates. Stay on the forefront of your patrons’ minds with a consistent flow of new information. Learn how to add a widget here.

5. Use an RSS feed for your events. Offer your patrons the chance to opt-in to your RSS feed to receive notifications every time an event on your website is added or updated. Talk to your ticketing company to learn more about adding a feed to your site.

Adding in these social integrations is the best way to ensure your event stays in the forefront of your patron’s minds, and on the top of their Google searches. What does your venue do to stay plugged in? Leave a comment below to let us know.