Although Snapchat may not be the most popular social media app for businesses, it’s proving that it does in fact have the capacity to reach consumers. You may be wondering what Snapchat even is – well, Snapchat can best be described as photo and video messaging with a twist. With Snapchat, the photo or video one sends- called a “snap”- can only last for a maximum of ten seconds before it disappears forever.

Snapchat doesn’t have the same business features as say Twitter or Facebook, but it’s frequent updates add more and more improvements each time one is rolled out. Its most recent update includes the ability for users to call, text, and video chat fellow Snapchat contacts.

So how can businesses use Snapchat, you ask? Some businesses that have integrated Snapchat into their marketing initiatives have been very creative, giving most marketing plans a unique edge. For example, the New England frozen yogurt chain “16 Handles,” launched a Snapchat campaign where customers were to Snapchat a photo of themselves eating their frozen yogurt, to the 16 Handles business account. The business would then Snapchat them back an individualized coupon which was anywhere from 10% to 100%. “But here was the creative part: Since snaps only last as long as 10 seconds once they're opened, users had to wait in anticipation until they were getting their next froyo at 16 Handles to unveil how much their coupon was worth,” says Anum Hussain of

Other creative ways to use Snapchat for marketing efforts could be sending product sneak peeks, custom coupons like 16 Handles did, provide behind the scenes footage, or even VIP information to your high profile customers. Since the use of Snapchat is so juvenile and there are not yet any ways to track progress through analytics, there is really no risk trying out this medium.

How will you get creative using Snapchat for your organization? Try it out and let us know what works and what does not on Facebook or by sending a tweet to @ticketforce.