Facebook is undergoing another purge of their ‘like’ system. Due to nefarious methods of increasing likes with duped accounts and scripted robots, many pages are reflecting a lot more likes than they have actually received.

Also, in the coming weeks, Facebook will begin removing accounts that have been manually deactivated or “memorialized” after the death of its owner in an effort to further clean out the accounts that are, in a sense, taking up space.

This is not to say that accounts of users who are not very active on Facebook will be removed, just the ones that have been manually deactivated. Facebook’s push for a more accurate like count on business pages has been a process. There have been many updates just like this one over the last year, and there will probably continue to be more as time progresses and technology changes.

Although it’s difficult to guess just how many likes a page might lose, keep in mind that it will be different for each page and dependent on the number of likes a page has to begin with. When this change begins to affect your organization’s business page, remember that even though your organization’s like number might decrease, it is actually just a clarification of data – not a negative reflection on your content. 

In the end, Facebook is making things easier analytically so that a person may track users who are actually legitimate and engaging with a page.

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