Every small step counts. Get our 10 suggestions to make your venue more environmentally friendly and show your patrons you’re conscious of your impact on the planet.

1. Promote Eco-Friendly Transportation. It’s easy to promote eco-friendly transportation at your venue. Adding sturdy bike racks to a well-lit area near the front of your venue will encourage patrons to consider biking to your next event. Consider offering an incentive to audience members who take public transportation to your venue, like subsidizing the cost by discounting the cost of bus or subway fare from their ticket.
2. Paperless Tickets. Mobile tickets are a simple way to reduce unnecessary paper and printing costs. In addition to saving on the labor it takes to print, package, and post tickets, you’ll also be encouraging environmentally friendly practices.
3. Reduce Energy with LED and Motion Sensor Lighting. LED Lights reduce energy costs by using at least 75% less energy than incandescent lighting. They also reduce maintenance costs: LED lights last 35 – 50 times longer than incandescent lighting and 2 to 5 times longer than fluorescent lighting, so you don’t have to replace bulbs as often. LEDS are also sturdier than alternative lighting, and reduce cooling costs by producing very little heat. Motion Sensors in the back of house areas will reduce unnecessary energy use—and costs.
4. Add Recycling and Compost Stations. If your city doesn’t offer a compost pick up service, consider donating your compost to a school garden, community, or farm.
5. Replace Old Appliances and Water Fixtures with Energy-Star Rated Appliances. If you don’t have the budget to replace energy sucking appliances with Energy-Star rated ones, consider replacing instead of repairing them as they age.
6. Use Hand Towels or Energy Efficient Dryers in Bathrooms. If you have a smaller venue, consider using hand towels in the bathroom and laundering them after each event. Larger venues should consider replacing the use of paper towels in bathrooms with energy efficient hand dryers. If neither of these are an option for your venue, considering adding signage to your restrooms to gently remind patrons to use minimal paper towels when drying.
7. Recycled Paper and Ticket Stock. Using recycled paper and ticket stock in your office and box office can double as a recycling incentive if you recycle it after you use it.
8. Bins for Recycling Programs and Ticket Stubs. While some patrons enjoy keeping their programs and stubs, there are plenty of people who dispose of them in waste bins after an event. Placing clear bins with slots for used programs near the exit of your venue can help boost the recycling of these items.
9. Opt for Kegs, Bulk Wine, and Beverages. Cut down on the overuse of cans and bottles by replacing bottled beer with kegs and bottles of wine with box or bulk wine, and cans of soda with a soda fountain. If none of these options are viable, consider placing bins specifically for recycled cans and bottles near your concessions.
10. Incentives for Employees to Bike, Use Public Transport. Help your employees get to work in a more environmentally friendly way by offering them incentives for not driving. Consider providing monthly bus and/or train passes, or installing bike racks in your office so your employees don’t have to worry about leaving their bikes outside during the day.