Instagram, the world’s favorite photo sharing application, is celebrating new growth and is thriving in its competitive environment. Instagram was purchased by Facebook for $1 billion back in 2012. Since then the app has captured the attention of younger audiences, balancing out Facebook’s slight dip in fanbase from the younger demographic.

It was recently reported that Instagram now boasts more than 300 million active monthly users, surpassing Twitter which hails the equally as impressive number of 284 million users. What is even more grand is Instagram’s acquisition of 100 million more users in the past year alone.

The app has kept up with the industry changes and advancements, implementing advertising opportunities in 2013 and video ads in late 2014. In light of recent initiatives across all social media channels, Instagram will now be implementing its own anti-spam efforts in order to purge itself from illegitimate accounts that sometimes plague its active users.

One addition to Instagram that will aid the app in this initiative is verified badges that will be awarded to public figures and brands. The reasoning behind handing out verified badges is to, again, cut down on “spammy” accounts and ensure active users they are engaging with correct accounts. Be on the lookout for the little blue badges later this week!

Wondering how can Instagram benefit your organization?

The busy holiday season is the perfect opportunity for your organization to use Instagram to promote upcoming events and boost ticket sales. Try running a holiday-themed contest and be sure to cross promote on your other social media outlets as well.

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