As you know, social media is a great way to promote ticket sales and upcoming events your organization might be hosting.  Instagram is a great example – it’s a photo sharing social app that allows you to post pictures and your followers to “like” them, and even repost them or in Instagram terms, “regram” them.

Want to create a strong presence on Instagram? Maybe even strong enough for a regram? Follow these three tips!

  1. Post a photo promoting an exciting music group that you’re selling tickets for. We would definitely regram a post if our favorite artist was coming to town!

  2. Execute a contest and encourage people to regram within the guidelines- Offerpop and Rafflecopter are great ones to experiment with.

  3. Shout out followers who regram and tag your organization in order to build customer relationships- Building relationships is an important part of business and making customers feel appreciated is one great way to do so.

Happy gramming!

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