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We’ve been waiting for years to introduce a piece of software that would change ticketing as we know it. That time is now, and this changes everything.

We’re so impressed by all this software has to offer, and we can’t wait for you to get to know it better. To kick off the series, we’re going to introduce one of our favorite features of the Enterprise Platform: Invite a Friend™.

Meet your anonymous patrons

Invite-a-friend makes it easy for your most connected and loyal customers to organize a group of friends to attend live events. Instead of having to pay for all the tickets, they simply purchase their own seats and place some extra seats next to them on hold for a limited time. They can then share a purchase link for those seats with their friends, who pay for their own seats and have their tickets delivered in the way that suits them.

Turn fans into social marketing gurus

With Invite-a-friend, you control how many seats can be placed on hold and for how long they remain available on a per event basis. Event promoters can have real-time visibility of seats held by customers using Invite-a-friend. The power of peer recommendation to drive sales for your events, and the opportunity to interact with new customers deliver ongoing benefits to your business. On average, sixty percent of people who purchase seats held by a friend are new customers.

Share, track, go

Our online platforms also feature deep social integration with open graph meta tags in event pages: Like, Tweet, Follow and Google+ widgets, and the ability to quickly and easily add hundreds more social plugins. Customers can even share event details directly from their mobile ticket. As always, we can integrate with your preferred social analytics tool such as AddThis or Google Analytics to track all the social interactions across your channels.

Imagine all the ways you can make Invite a Friend™ work for you. Stay tuned to read next week’s feature on our solution for orphan seats: Full House™.