When the live theatre experience in Mumbai gained even more popularity, it sparked an idea for husband and wife theatre duo Nandita Das and Subodh Maskara. The two co-founded the company CinePlay, which aims to blend the cinematic and theatrical viewing experiences.

Their strategy behind this concept is to specially film performances to screen at venues in Mumbai and Dehli. They don’t just want to simply film the performance; they want to pay specific attention to things like the lighting and sound.

When asked where the business idea stemmed from, Subodh Maskara told the Hollywood Reporter in an interview “We had about 40 house full shows and had requests for another 30 or so performances but due to various logistical reasons, we couldn't do more shows. That got me thinking about doing a specially filmed version of the play so that it could be shared with a wider audience.”

CinePlay is really taking off in the world of theatre. Das and Maskara already have five plays produced with 15 more on the way, with plans to expand to the global market. some of their upcoming projects include their own Video On Demand Channel and making their debut at the South Asian Film Festival in Washington DC.

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