The Foursquare application has just made the gutsy decision to split itself in two. The creators of Foursquare noticed that there were two main functions of the app, so to make things easier and more streamlined, the old app has split into what we will come to know as the new Foursquare, and Swarm. The new Foursquare’s main function is recommendations, while Swarm is more for social sharing.

The main thing users will notice about the new Foursquare app is the lack of a “check-in” feature. The ability to “check-in” has been shifted to Foursquare’s counterpart, Swarm. The new Foursquare also has new branding, allows you to leave tips about restaurants and venues, and makes recommendations for you based on the “taste” preferences you program upon setup of the app.

Swarm was created to to appease the social side of the old Foursquare app. Swarm’s main feature is the “check-in” function, which allows the user to keep up with friends and  see who is nearby from their list of followers.

One thing that has become a hot topic since the release of these apps is how it will affect Yelp. While that remains to be seen, one thing for sure is that the division of Foursquare will impact recommendation and social sharing apps as we know it.

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